Past Event

International Science Fiction Prototyping Conference

10–12 April 2017
Bruges, Belgium

Designing your Future with Science Fiction

Living in a world driven by rapidly changing technology, what used to be classified as science fiction is fast becoming science fact. Moreover science fiction has in its own right become a source of inspiration in product development and product design. This process, better known as science fiction prototyping, functions as a vehicle to promote creative thinking and innovation in the business and technology development process using ethnographic field studies, technology research and trend data in order to create a pragmatic vision of the future for consumers and computing called “future casting”.

This International Science Fiction Prototyping conference covers the transition of ideas and objects from science fiction through developmental research using simulation, modelling and AI into managerial, military, industrial and household objects and tools for our future present daily lives in order for the aforementioned to become an integral part of that future present.

The co9nference will cover:
[ ] Augmented Reality and Pervasive Systems in Simulation
[ ] Sci-Fi Product Design Methodology – From Mind to Matter
[ ] Interfacing the real and digital world
[ ] 3D printing the world - From 3D printer to replicator
[ ] Augmenting the human – from human to humanoid
[ ] From home to digital playground
[ ] From Shopping Mall to Tailored Shopping Experience
[ ] From Office to Road Warrior Virtual Battle Station
[ ] From hospitals to “Home-spitals” - From Hospital Room to Sickbay
[ ] From robot worker to robo-buddy
[ ] Of UAV’s, Robot Vehicles and Sentient Drones
[ ] AI you can drive my Car
[ ] Farming in the Sky with Robots
[ ] From Minority Report to Robocop
[ ] Preparing the Military for the Future Virtual Battle Space
[ ] Reach for the Sky
[ ] To infinity and beyond

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