Past Event

Kuwait Project Management Conference

25–26 April 2017
SALWA, Kuwait

The importance of project management has been increasing in the face of the changing environment, new challenges, globalization and specialization in global economy. The achievement of the final objective of a project on schedule and on budget becomes a key challenge for many organizations. The conference will demonstrate how smart, sustainable and innovative project management practices are executed to ensure successful outcomes. Keynote and invited local and regional expert speakers will present their professional expertise and experiences on the latest initiatives, techniques, innovation, excellence and leadership in the project management industry.

The conference provides a platform for Project Management practitioners across industries, government, and academia, to exchange ideas on today’s project challenges and emerging trends, gain insight from the latest thought leaders and investigate and analyze best industry practices.
The aim of the conference is to discuss results of scientific research and practical case studies in project management issues, to establish new contacts and networking between professionals involved in project management as well as enhance the capacity of project managers.

Knowledgeable and skilled project managers are critical to the success of any organization. The event is designed to assist organizations to:
• Better manage business complexity, uncertainty & risk
• Better leverage technology & innovation
• Drive continuous improvement
• Deliver with greater flexibility, agility & confidence
• Consistently & effectively turn strategy into long-term success

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