Past Event

Myeloma Study Day

24 April 2017
Manchester, United Kingdom

The day will provide an overview of myeloma management and discuss the most common clinical manifestations of multiple myeloma as summarized by the acronym, "C.R.A.B".

C = Calcium (elevated), R = Renal failure, A = Anaemia, B = Bone lesions

Topics covered 


 Treatment options including radiotherapy and clinical trials in myeloma -

 Managing myeloma from a cardiology perspective-

 Managing myeloma from a nephrology perspective-

 Managing anaemia in myeloma from a transfusion perspective -

 Managing bone health-

 Managing myeloma from an out-patient perspective-

 The art of adherence to medication-

 Case studies -


   Fees: �90 General Admission / �80 Earlybird

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