Past Event

Advanced Financial Modelling using Microsoft Excel: Applications and Analysis

22–23 May 2017
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

With the growing uncertainty of the global economic outlook, the Malaysian economy is expected to experience what many would call ‘cautiously optimistic’ with a gradual growth for 2017. This is causing companies to pressure their financial models to generate accurate financial analysis, forecasts and scenario analysis for their 2017 financial strategy. 

This workshop is more than just enabling you to improve your model to generate more accurate forecasts but to rebuild a more effective financial model that is able to capture all the key financial drivers and data that will affect the actual outcome of your company’s financial standing. Today, financial modelling is expected to go beyond accurate assumptions. Companies have to constantly refine their models and analytical tools to provide outstanding support for decision making while remaining financially sound. It is an added advantage to be able to project and prepare best, worst and most likely scenarios with their respective returns and strategies. 

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