Past Event

ECEC'2017, 22nd European Collaborative Engineering Conference

31 May – 2 June 2017
Warsaw, Poland

Aim of ECEC'2017

The conference aim of the 22nd annual European Collaborative Engineering Conference, ECEC'2017 is to provide European Researchers with a forum, where they can discuss the latest developments linked to concurrent, collaborative engineering focused on European research projects. ECEC'2017 aims to identify the progress that has been made in Concurrent Engineering/Lean Manufacturing over the last year. A special focus of the ECEC'2017 will be the influence of 3D Printing, Digital Direct Manufacturing, also known as additive manufacturing, the new field of Data-Driven Tradespace Exploration and Analysis the new directions in Lean Manufacturing and the influence of Smart Factory 1.0 on the overall production process.

The ECEC helps the dissemination of information and exploitation of results from the research and technical development and provides a forum for the exchange of experiences in developing and implementing CE based solutions across the wide spectrum of manufacturing and engineering industries. The conference is targeted at industrial enterprises, industrial associations, universities and research institutes.

[ ] e-Business in CE
[ ] Organization and Management
[ ] Supporting Technologies
[ ] Formal Methods, Techniques and Design
[ ] Engineering of Embedded Systems
[ ] Collaborative Engineering data management and information modeling
[ ] Collaborative Engineering process management and simulation
[ ] Collaborative CE environments for virtual teams
[ ] CE Enhanced Lean Manufacturing
[ ] Practical applications and experiences
[ ] Factory Planning and Control for SME's
[ ] Data-Driven Tradespace Exploration and Analysis
[ ] Digital Direct Manufacturing
[ ] Smart Factory 1.0 and Industry 4.0
[ ] Patient Centered Health Care with Meaningful Use of IT