Past Event

ISC'2017 - 15th Annual Industrial Simulation Conference

31 May – 2 June 2017
Warsaw, Poland

The aim of the 15th annual Industrial Simulation Conference (ISC'2017, the premier industrial simulation conference in Europe, is to give a complete overview of this year's industrial simulation related research and to provide an annual status report on present day industrial simulation research within the European Community and the rest of the world in line with European industrial research projects.

With the integration of artificial intelligence, agents and other modelling techniques, simulation has become an effective and appropriate decision support tool in industry. The exchange of techniques and ideas among universities and industry, which support the integration of simulation in the everyday workplace, is the basic premise at the heart of ISC'2017 conference. The ISC'2017 conference consists of four major parts; the first part concerns itself with discrete event simulation methodology, the second and biggest part with industrial simulation applications, a third one with industrial themed workshops, and last but not least the fourth part, namely the poster sessions for students. The whole is then illustrated by an exhibition.

The ISC also focuses on simulation applications for the factory of the future within the framework of Industry 4.0 (e.g. transformable factories, networked factories, learning factories, digital factories) depending on different drivers such as high performance, high customization, environmental friendliness, high efficiency of resources, human potential and knowledge creation as set out by the EU directories. A second focus for ISC'2017 is on new robotics applications.
Thirdly this edition also looks at present day research in urban simulation as an expansion of intelligent traffic and transport simulation and fourthly on new developments in simulation driven engineering.

tracks: [ ] Simulation Methodology
[ ] Simulation Analysis
[ ] Discrete Simulation Languages and Tools
[ ] Ambient Intelligence and Simulation
[ ] Simulation in Manufacturing
[ ] Steel Manufacturing and New Materials Manufacturing
[ ] Simulation in Automotive Systems
[ ] Simulation in Robotics
[ ] Simulation in Electronics, Computers and Telecommunications
[ ] Simulation in Electronics Manufacturing
[ ] Simulation in Computer Science
[ ] Simulation in Logistics, Traffic, Transport, Harbours, Hospitals
[ ] Apparel and textile Simulation
[ ] Urban Simulation
[ ] Complex Systems Modelling
[ ] Simulation in Aerospace
[ ] Marine Simulation
[ ] Simulation in Industrial and Product Design
[ ] Simulation in Engineering Processes
[ ] Model Driven Engineering
[ ] Simulation in Civil and Building Engineering
[ ] Simulation in Energy and Power Systems
[ ] Simulation in Multibody Systems
[ ] Simulation in Chemical, Petroleum and Mining Engineering
[ ] Simulation in Military and Defense
[ ] Verification, Validation and Accreditation
[ ] VR and Graphical Simulation in Industry
[ ] Simulation of Complex Multiprocessor Systems in VR
[ ] Simulation and Training
[ ] The Future of Simulation Roundtable
[ ] Simulation-based evaluation of interactive systems
[ ] Workshop on Intelligent Transport Systems
[ ] Workshop on Simulation in Nanotechnology
[ ] Augmented Reality and Pervasive Systems in Factories
[ ] Lean Manufacturing Simulation
[ ] Simulation Optimization in Industry
[ ] Poster Session
[ ] Student Session
[ ] Tutorials
[ ] Exhibition

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