Past Event

Membrane and Other Separation Technologies

14–18 May 2017
College Station, United States

·         Review basic principles of membrane filtration & separations processing including system design, membrane & equipment selection costs, economics, and practical applications

·         Orient new product formulators, food, dairy & beverage scientist, chemist, chemical engineers, environmental engineers, and students to processing and products of separations technologies

·         Review major applications of microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, pervaporation, chromatography, centrifugation, and other technologies in food processing, dairy processing, beverage processing

·         Review fundamentals and practical aspects of membrane fouling and cleaning

·         Provide daily “hands-on” demonstrations and familiarize attendees with the practical aspects in processing industries

·         Review new technologies, developments and applications in food processing, functional ingredients, dairy & beverage industries, and biotechnology

·         Review case studies, success stories, new systems designs, industrial/commercial applications and economics of membrane systems, pre– and post-treatment technologies

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