Past Event

Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Dynamics in Health, Disease & Aging

21–26 May 2017
West Palm Beach, United States

This SRC will facilitate an exchange of knowledge and promote collaborative interactions between investigators that study basic aspects of mitochondria with translational investigators engaged in studying mitochondrial roles in human health, human diseases including age-associated disorders, and the aging process. Hence, this conference will gather basic and translational scientists with a broad range of research interests and different levels of experience ranging from established investigators to graduate students. A collegial format will facilitate discussions between all participants with the goal of bringing together their unique insights and integrate them into this rapidly expanding field.

The major topics covered in this Conference will be: 1) Mitochondrial gene expression; 2) Respiratory chain complex assembly; 3) Mitochondrial protein biogenesis and quality control; 4) Mitochondrial stress in cell signaling and aging; 5) Mitochondrial dynamics in development and disease; 6) Mitochondrial DNA-driven mechanisms of mitochondrial dysfunction; 7) New pathways, biomarkers and technologies to study mitochondrial function; 8) Challenges and opportunities in mitochondrial biology and medicine. Through these topics, the most recent advances in the biology, dynamics and regulation of mitochondria will be discussed and linked with the pathophysiology of mitochondrial disorders and the aging process.

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