Past Event

Molecular Chaperones in Cancer

2–4 May 2017
Madrid, Spain

Important dates:

  • Abstract submission28 February 2017
  • Standard registration3 April 2017
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Molecular chaperones play key roles in the folding,
stability and activity of proteins in normal cell
homeostasis and disease pathology, including cancer.
However, despite recent progress we have much to
learn in comprehending the precise details of the mole
cular function of chaperones and how they support
cancer development. This conference will focus on
recent developments in our understanding of the
structure and function of molecular chaperones such
as HSP90, including use of model organisms. We will
also address how chaperones act in networks with
other proteins to create cancer phenotypes, how
chaperones facilitate and support cancer evolution,
and how better to target chaperones for cancer

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