Past Event

Additive Manufacturing and Functional Polymeric Materials Conference

23–26 June 2017
Albufeira, Portugal

The fields of additive manufacturing (3D printing) and functional polymeric materials are exciting, rapidly growing areas of innovation. The AMFM Zing Conference aims to highlight and facilitate synergistic research between these diverse areas. Functional materials are often understood and advanced through molecular level investigations, and have impacted numerous fields of study. Additive manufacturing has had equal impact on myriad disciplines, and offers a unique approach to implementing functional materials into devices across multiple length scales.

Topics for this conference will span multiple areas, including advances in technology for additive manufacturing, printing strategies to produce graded and multi-component materials, adaptation of manufacturing strategies to accommodate diverse polymer types, and use of designer polymer chemistry to facilitate additive manufacturing.

Researchers in polymer chemistry, materials science, engineering, and all others interested in learning more about the integration of additive manufacturing and macromolecular science are encouraged to attend.