Past Event

Information Operations: Countering Violent Extremism

20–21 June 2017
London, United Kingdom

As the global political landscape continues to change, the methods and rhetoric of violent extremist organisations’ recruitment tactics evolve. This past year has continued to offer new avenues for these organisations to exploit in their messaging, with two examples: Brexit and the administration change in the United States, being used to further sow seeds of discontent in vulnerable communities.

Defence IQ’s 3rd Annual Countering Violent Extremism event has carefully selected a wide panel of speakers from across government, law enforcement, military, NGOs and think tanks, who will address topical challenges and provide invaluable information on the best practice used to overcome them. Talking points will include how to empower and deploy credible voices; the effective measurement of CVE and utilising former fighters in successful campaigns. We will also be analysing how to invest your efforts in PVE/CVE, and take advantage of potential partners to help with your operation.

Taking place in London on 20th - 22nd June, the 3rd edition of the CVE Event will feature an increased focus on interactive discussions, giving every delegate the chance to test their ideas within an established community.

The expert speaking panel for 2017 includes:

• Stephanie Samoska, Office of Countering Violent Extremism, FBI

• Manwar Ali, Chief Executive, JIMAS

• William Baldet, Prevent Coordinator, Leicester Council

• Tony Sgro, CEO, EdVenture Partners

• Russell Porter, Senior Coordinator, Secretariat for Countering Violent Extremism, US AID

• Sven Hughes, Founder, Global Influence