Past Event

Introduction to Cancer by David O'Halloran

14–15 June 2017
Manchester, United Kingdom

Presented by David O’Halloran

David is a former accreditor for the Higher Education Academy, Senior Lecturer in Radiotherapy, School of Healthcare Studies, University of Leeds and author of ’Notes on Anatomy and Oncology’.

He established O’Halloran Consultancy Limited in November 2002 and as its Director, David continues to provide high quality education in anatomy and oncology.

David specialises in delivering courses aimed at those persons who deal with complex oncological  terminology yet have no background in medical science or, indeed, cancer.



This is a two day course by David O’Halloran which presents a basic understanding of cancer.  Through a series of presentations, the speaker describes how cancer develops, the commonest types of cancer, cancer detection and treatment modalities. The sessions are supplemented by quizzes to aid understanding and group interactive question and answer sessions to keep everyone engaged


Topics Covered

- Introduction to cells, tissues and cancer

- Classification of cancer

- The spread of cancer

- Overview of treatment options

- Female reproductive system & tumours (including breast)

- Oral cavity, large intestine oncology, testicular and prostate cancer

- Circulatory system and related oncology

- Respiratory system & tumours


Target audience

This two day course is specifically designed for staff new to oncology. Suitable for research, admin

support, industry, CTU, hospice and any other staff groups who require an overview and understanding of the anatomy, biology and treatments of cancer.


£350 (non-NHS)

£200 (NHS)

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