Now in its 12th year, Next Generation Protein Therapeutics Summit has continued to be the industry’s most comprehensive conference for sharing new ideas to accelerate the discovery, engineering, and development of alternative scaffolds and novel protein therapeutics to create differentiated drugs. 
New for 2017, we have added a more unique and in-depth focus on the chemistry, tools, techniques, methods, and strategies being applied to develop the next generation of ADCs and emerging bioconjugates for an ever-increasing number of targets. Going beyond just ADCs, we cover the latest research and innovations across all topics within bioconjugates including ADCs, bispecific conjugations, nanoparticle conjugations, and more.
Gain first-hand knowledge from world-renowned academics and industry visionaries on their latest breakthroughs to:
- Improve half-life extension, potency, selectivity, and developability through creative engineering and design approaches
- Create new pathways for the development, translation, and delivery of immunotherapies
- Develop next generation bispecifics with superior manufacturability, stability and payload capabilities
- Design applications beyond cancer for a number of major human diseases
- Utilize toll-like receptors, ion channels, and GCPRs that provide breakthrough solutions far beyond standard biologics
Event Highlights include:
- Share ideas, state-of-the-art advances, best practices, and clinical updates with 200 world-renowned industry visionaries and academics
- 45 New Data and Case Study Presentations
- 10 Networking Opportunities
- 6 Concurrent Technology Workshops
- 9 Moderated Luncheon Discussions
Co-locating Next Gen Protein Therapeutics Summit with Cell Line Development & Engineering in 2017 will bring everyone together to share ideas, breakthroughs and best practices through multiple learning and networking formats, fostering a productive dialogue in a collaborative, open forum.

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