Past Event

PET/CT for the general radiologist

7 June 2017
Glasgow, United Kingdom

This event is aimed at clinicians, especially general radiologists who encounter PET scans as part of their daily work but don’t report them in addition to trainees. The aim is to give a basic understanding of the science underpinning PET, its indications, pitfalls and superficial image interpretation. It will conclude by summarising future tracer developments and imminent new indications for PET feature. Hear from high-quality speakers with vast experience in the world of PET/CT, including those from the West of Scotland PET centre, currently one of the busiest centres in the UK.

Educational aims:

  • To gain a basic understanding of the science behind PET
  • To discuss indications for PET referral
  • To gain a basic understanding of PET interpretation

Registration fees
BIR member Plan 1 �80
BIR member Plan 2 �60
BIR Trainee member �40
BIR Retired/Student member �30
Non-member Consultant or equivalent �110
Non-member Other grades �90
Non-member Trainee �60
Non-member Retired/Student �50