The Department of Otorhinolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery invites you to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

The Department was separated from Internal Medicine in April, 1917, under its first director Felix R. Nager. Both he and his successor Luzius R�edi set the foundation for what has become an internationally renowned academic otolaryngologic institute. In the seventies, Ugo Fisch (ENT/skull base surgeon) together with the two neuroscientists Gazi Yasargil (neurosurgeon) and Antonios Valavanis (neuroradiologist) leveraged the clinic to one of the most distinguished centers of otorhinolaryngology in the world.

Our 100th anniversary is not only an occasion to review the past but also to take a look into future prospects. What is our discipline’s history and what does the future hold? Our symposium aims to discuss these questions. We would like to review current knowledge, and explore modern technologies and the development of promising projects. Topics will be covered in lectures and round table discussions and scientific posters. Numerous well-known international and domestic guests, both with clinical and scientific backgrounds, will join us in the celebration of our department’s anniversary.

It would be a pleasure and honor to welcome you to Zurich.

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