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Dear colleagues,

We cordially invite you to attend the 3rd International Turkish Congress on Molecular Spectroscopy (TURCMOS2017), which will be held at the Nasuhoğlu Cultural Center, Bodrum, Turkey, August 26-29, 2017.

The scope of the congress is to encourage the exchange of ideas and future collaborations all around the world, introduce new techniques and instruments, and present recent developments in this field of research. In the congress, all aspects of spectroscopic methods as well as related computational and theoretical approaches will be considered. Contacts between young researchers (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) and prominent experts will be particularly stimulated, aiming at the development of future collaborations. We are sure that the congress will provide a stimulating environment for many interesting scientific discussions.

We are looking forward to hosting you in Bodrum!…

The congress will include the scientific topics below:

1. Vibrational (IR and Raman) Spectroscopic Techniques
2. Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) Spectroscopy
3. Mossbauer Spectroscopy
4. Fluorescence Spectroscopy
5. Microspectroscopy and Imaging
6. Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS)
7. Microwave Spectroscopy
8. Terahertz Spectroscopy
9. Matrix Isolation Infrared Spectroscopy and Low Temperature Spectroscopy
10. Theoretical and Computational Methods
11. Spectroscopy in Drug Design and Drug Discovery
12. Applied Spectroscopies (Archaeology, Geology, Astrophysics, Mineralogy, Arts & History, Environmental Analysis, Food Analysis and Processing, Applications on Biology, Forensic Sciences)

  • Cuauhtemoc Andrade-Araujo Autonomous University of Zacatecas, MexicoFind out more
  • Herbert Michael HEISE University of Applied Sciences of South-Westphalia, GermanyFind out more
  • Mehmet Yeşiltaş Stony Brook University, USAFind out more
  • Philippe Colomban Pierre and Marie Curie University, FranceFind out more
  • Rui Fausto Coimbra University, Coimbra, PortugalFind out more

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