Course building, Medical University Varna,

Target group
PhD students and postdoctoral fellows interested in nutrigenomics, molecular nutrition and personalized nutrition. The focus will be on the use of new technologies in molecular nutrition studies in both humans and other systems.

Course aim
The objective of the course is to communicate the opportunities of technologies such as metabolomics, dried blood spots, deep phenotyping, mobile analysis technologies, and handling of big data (bioinformatics). The presentations will be based on both on good and bad experiences, how you collect, analyze and interpret large amounts of omics-data in nutrition studies.

Program topics
Participants will have to study 4-5 articles prior to the course.
In lectures a variety of topics will be discussed;
– Dried blood spot biomarker analysis
– The use of cell culture models to test metabolic flexibility
– Extensive phenotyping and omics exploitation and handling of data sets
– Making a decision tree
– Strength and limitations of models
The student assignment will focus on one study/study design and 4-5 groups will be charged with the task to complement the study with appropriate new technologies in different settings.

Course coordinators
Prof. Christian A. Drevon – University of Oslo (Norway)
Dr. Fr� Pepping – Wageningen University/NuGO secretariat (The Netherlands)

Other faculty
Prof. Hannelore Daniel, Technical University Munich (TUM, Germany)
Dr. Thomas Gundersen, VITAS (Norway)
Dr. Yoana Kiselova, Medical University Varna (MUV, Bulgaria)
PhD student Sindre Lee, University of Oslo (Norway)
Dr. Andr� Boorsma, TNO-Microbiology and Systems Biology (The Netherlands)

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