Past Event

3rd COSPAR Symposium

18–22 September 2017
Jeju, Korea, Republic Of

Relatively small satellites and payloads have been developed rapidly over the past few decades, and their application in various areas of space research has been of growing interest. Recently, the number of nano- to micro-satellites including the level of one to a few hundred kilograms has increased significantly. While many space phenomena include a wide range of temporal and/or spatial behaviors in vastly different areas, they can be studied with similar, coordinated experiments with a group of satellites. Low cost satellites now allow missions of multiple satellites more often, and technical progress in scientific payloads can maintain advanced resolution in time and amplitude.

The symposium program is designed to cover the wide scope of space research under the theme “Small Satellites for Space Research”. The keynote, plenary and interdisciplinary talks will provide insight into space research with small satellite platforms, and the three parallel sessions are designed for several scientific and technical sessions.

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