Past Event

Hack The Road

14–16 September 2017
Zandvoort, Netherlands
Interested in self driving cars? The Province of  Noord-Holland invites you to sign up to participate in Hack the Road the first hackathon to be held at the famous Zandvoort race circuit. Showcase your hacking skills by developing your self-driving vehicle prototype that can be integrated into the existing road infrastructure.
The innovation of self-driving cars is happening at a fast pace at the moment and the province of Noord-Holland won't just stand by. To facilitate the future of driving, it's time to think about the way (provincial) roads can be best equipped to optimise automated driving. All traffic signs and other relevant traffic information could be transmitted straight to the car, without depending on any sensory input. This could make it possible to alter the information sent at any moment, to any car. All registered traffic data you can possibly think of, sent to our cars from the road they're traveling on to optimise their driving behaviour. And why stop there? This system can be programmed to calculate the most energy efficient way of driving, combining all users driving plans. Perhaps even allow passengers of multiple vehicles to challenge each other in some games while traveling.
Build using any hardware/software of your choice and test your working prototype on actual parts of the roads infrastructure. 
Register now to secure your spot and for the chance to dip into the €20,000 prize pool! 
Price: FREE
Time: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm