Historical Biogeography: Fundamentals and Applications - Transmitting Science

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2nd Edition


September 25th-29th, 2017, Barcelona (Spain)

This course provides basic knowledge on selected theoretical and methodological problems of historical biogeography. We aim to provide the practical skills to enable the students to carry out empirical biographical analyses. A considerable part of the course is therefore allocated to practical problems as well as to the use of computer programs specifically developed for biogeography analyses.

The theoretical classes provide background knowledge on the topics listed above through the use of practical problems and relevant literature. The classes will be dynamic and include feedback between explanations and questions.

The practical classes are mainly to analyze theoretical examples and demonstrate different aspects of the software used throughout the course. Differences between alternative theoretical approaches are illustrated through the use of example and real data sets. We will also learn how to obtain and process distribution data from publicly available databases as well as data provided by the students. Processing real distribution data illustrates the problems and the limits that biogeographers confront during an empirical study.


Graduate or postgraduate degree in any Biosciences discipline, basic knowledge of statistics and personal computers. All participants must bring their own personal laptop (Windows).

  • Dr. Claudia A. Szumik Fundación Miguel Lillo – CONICET (Argentina)Find out more
  • Dr. Lone Aagesen Instituto de Botánica Darwinion (Argentina)Find out more

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