Past Event

Shaping the Future of Pediatrics

20–22 September 2017
Rome, Italy
How do you image the future of pediatrics?
We think that Innovation will be crucial to shape pediatrics in the next years and find out solutions to a number of challenges.
Believing on that, we have organized 'Shaping the Future of Pediatrics' the first European conference on innovation in pediatrics.
Omics and personalized medicine: a session dedicated to understand how genomics and the link between geno- and phenotypes can help in making a diagnosis, predicting and choosing the optimal therapy. The ultimate tools for treating genetic diseases and overcoming the frontiers of traditional medicine in complex syndromes will be discussed. Finally, speakers will focus on personalized therapies, metagenomics and system medicine.
Big data and digital integration: we will talk about how to deal with multiple data streams for pediatric care and how to simulate heart surgery with virtual reality and 3D printing. We will present data on the application of artificial intelligence to image analysis. Finally, we will approach how to get the best from continuous follow-up in patients with diabetes.
Patients and participatory medicine: we will discover how patients can be engaged in a powerful partnership with researchers and clinicians and inspire innovations in healthcare. We will focus on quantified self, patient platforms and patient autonomy and how patients can digitally communicate. Finally, we will approach the challenge of data privacy and data protection from the patient's point of view.
The innovation cycle in pediatrics: we will host a competition between innovative solutions for pediatrics from a selection of start-ups. We will discuss about how to systematically apply the principles of innovation and how the interactions between clinic, research, and industry can fertilize innovation in pediatrics.

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