Past Event

5th Annual Strategic HR MENA Summit

17–18 October 2017
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The fast changing social and economic environment/background in MENA region influences the role of HR significantly. Responsibilities of HR departments in the local or international companies in MENA region include various tasks such as recruitment, attracting and retaining millennials, enhancing stable corporate culture, ensuring  work-life balance, enhancing stable corporate culture, and many more. With the upcoming era of digital innovation and technologies, the importance of human value contribution to company’s well-being and development became even more important. 

The 5th Annual Strategic HR MENA Summit is focused not only on the key steps of building a strong base of human capital, but also on other important tasks like learning and development frameworks, successful workforce planning, ensuring competitive advantage over other recruiters, and balancing between technology and humanistic approach. 

The senior level executives of the top players in the industries such as aviation, banking, retail, telecom, hospitality or pharma are offering delegates a remarkable opportunity to learn about prevailing frameworks and trends from their experience. This creates a unique opportunity to face their opinions, experience, and moreover, to benchmark their know-how. Come and be part of an interactive conversation about the hottest topics that HR executives are facing nowadays in MENA region!

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