Past Event

ESM'2017 - 31st European Simulation and Modelling Conference

25–27 October 2017
Lisbon, Portugal

The ESM'2017 (The 31st annual European Simulation and Modelling Conference) is the original international European conference concerned with state of the art technology in modelling and simulation. ESM'2017 aims to provide an overview of academic research in the field of computer simulation. A number of major tracks of simulation research are presented next to specific workshops, which capture the art and science of present-day simulation research.

The conference covers the following themes for which papers can be submitted:

- Modelling Methodology
- Modelling Simulation Tools
- Object-Orientation and Re-use
- Random Simulation and applications
- Discrete Simulation Modelling Techniques and Tools
- Simulation and AI
- AI and Expert Systems
- AI and Neural Networks
- AI and Fuzzy Systems
- Agent Based Simulation
- Simulation and Optimization
- High Performance/Parallel and Large Scale Computing
- Simulation in Education and Graphics/Data Visualization
- Simulation in Environmental Ecology, Biology and Marine Biology
- Simulation in Biological Systems and Medicine
- Analytical and Numerical Modelling Techniques
- Web Based Simulation
- Cloud Based Simulation
- Physics modelling and Cosmological Simulation
Simulation in Energy and Power Systems
- Renewable energy technologies
- Simulation in Engineering Processes
- Simulation in Model Driven Engineering
- Simulation-based evaluation of interactive systems
- Simulation and Modelling for humanitarian/emergency operations
- Supply Chain Scheduling
- Predictive Models in Software Engineering
- Intelligent Systems
- Real-time GPS Simulation and Service Applications
- Simulation with Petri Nets
- Simulation with Bond Graphs
- Fluid Flow Modelling Simulation
- Models and simulations for Emergency and Risk Management