Past Event

Global Conference on Energy Efficiency Management in Industry

19–20 October 2017
Barcelona, Spain

Conference on Energy Efficiency Management in industry is a 2 day event, bringing together dozens of industry professionals and business leaders from around the world to discuss challenges for the industry in the field of energy management – how to find among the colorful certificates, aid for energy-intensive industries, building awareness of energy responsibility, cost reduction and increased energy efficiency through the use of energy audit, energy optimization in practice – are the most important topics about which to be focused. It is also of prime importance to know about the criteria and methodology to select SEUs and carryout energy auditing in an efficient manner.

Ways to employ green energy in the industry and implement energy efficiency through strategic energy management and energy conservation would be discussed. Moreover, promotional factors for energy efficiency and the challenges being faced by the industry for its implementation will also be discussed along with the solutions proposed by energy and industry experts.
In order to ensure survival in the short-, medium- to long-term energy strategy in the current, largely demand-driven oil market and greenhouse gas emissions, it offers a lever we shouldn’t ignore.

It’s your chance to be part of this valuable event.

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