Past Event

MAP 2017 - Molecular Analysis for Personalised Therapy

13–14 October 2017
Zürich, Switzerland

The advent of genome sequencing is bringing about a quiet revolution in healthcare. Yet while the thirst for advanced genomic knowledge may seem enticing, doctors know that information without interpretation may not be very useful. We are pleased to announce a new high-level scientific meeting that explores ways to better use existing research data in order to improve clinical oncologists’ personalised treatment programs for cancer patients.

The 3rd edition of the Molecular Analysis for Personalised therapy meeting (MAP) will be held 13-14 October in Zurich, Switzerland. A joint initiative of Cancer Research UK, UNICANCER and ESMO, this conference shines a light on the latest medical developments in a constantly evolving field.

This meeting is for medical oncologists, interns, academics, regulators, industry R&D reps and investigators and all those interested in discussing the clinical interpretation of molecular tests for metastatic cancers.

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