Past Event

Mayo Clinic's Current Concepts in the Management of the Adult ECMO Patient

27–28 October 2017
Jacksonville, United States
This course takes advantage of modern educational concepts to provide clinically relevant material through realistic scenarios and simulation on ECMO initiation, management and removal. This highly interactive approach puts the learner in the position of the clinician needing to make simple thorough complex decisions commonly faced when providing ECMO. There will be limited traditional didactic presentations and a greater emphasis on interactive learning in small groups using accelerated scenarios around specific topics. Hands-on simulation will be used to expose the learner to a range of typical management issues and ECMO emergencies. For both novice and experienced ECMO care givers, the course will provide an exceptional learning environment for solid ECLS concepts and energize ECMO providers to offer state-of-the-art lifesaving opportunities for critically ill patients.
Topics Include:
. Selection
. Device Transition-Transplantation
. Coagulation Management, Hemostasis
. Heart Failure
. Going On
. Circuit Emergencies
. Circuit Problem Solving
. Respiratory Failure
. Cannulation
. End of Life and Ethical Issues
. Starting a Program
. Clinical Problem Solving
. Trial Off (with ECHO assessment)
. ECMO Removal
. Transportation and Misc.

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