Past Event

Minds Mastering Machines (MCubed)

9–11 October 2017
London, United Kingdom

MCubed brings together experts in AI, machines learning and data science to help architects, developers, and CIOs get on the path to a more intelligent technological future.

With en emphasis on practical sessions attendees can get up to speed with key concepts underpinning machine learning and AI, while taking a deep dive into the core concept involved and examining key algorithms.
More experienced practitioners can examine key tools and techniques in depth, such as TensorFlow or Caffe. At the same time, they can learn from speakers who have applied these to projects in companies such as Ocado and OpenTable, or in areas such as cybersecurity, finance, construction or engineering.
Furthermore, attendees will benefit from sessions covering the legal, ethical and organisational challenges of applying machine learning and AI in both traditional organisations and startups. Added to the mix will be sessions looking at driverless cars and robots, as well as a host of excellent keynote speakers in the shape of Goldsmith's Mark Bishop and Google DeepMind's Melanie Warrick.
This is the ideal line-up, not just for people contemplating an initial foray into machine learning and AI, but also for those looking to take their existing projects to the next level.

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