Past Event

The 11th Annual Sustainability Reporting and Communications Summit

17–18 October 2017
London, United Kingdom
The reporting landscape is changing…
…with a shift towards putting a financial value on sustainability data and the increasing requirement to measure the true value of impact.
Reporting is more challenging than ever before. It is no longer enough to report on environmental and social output, if business wants to succeed they need to be proving the merit and value of their impact on the environment, society and the business. 
In a big-data world evidence is everything and reliable, compelling reporting is more vital now than ever before. The drive towards conveying non-financial data as if they were financial will help gain internal buy-in as well as build trust and brand reputation among external stakeholders. Reporting has the chance to create genuine value to business if it aligns itself further to the impact mission.
That’s what Ethical Corporation's Sustainability Reporting and Communications Summit will deliver on. We're doing things differently and we want to move your business towards demonstrating your impact and showcasing it throughout your reporting process. Our agenda topics will help you overcome the obstacles you’re facing and uncover opportunities to deliver on demonstrating your environmental and social impact to the benefit of the business. 
See you in October.
Best regards,
Ed Long

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