The Institute of Food Research, on the Norwich Research Park, is hosting an international conference exploring the latest breakthroughs in research into better ways of exploiting waste and co-products from agriculture and food production.

Total Food 2017 is the fifth in a series of conferences focused on the sustainable exploitation of agri-food co-products and related biomass, thereby helping to minimise waste.

Total Food 2017 will bring together agri-food companies, scientists, consumer organisations and waste experts to share views and the latest knowledge on ways of minimising and reusing waste.

The conference will look at current food waste and its uses, and will  explore new ideas and techniques for adding  value to  it. As well as bioenergy, biofuels and biogas, speakers will talk about extracting bioactive products that boost human health, can be used as food ingredients,  as well as providing new sources of animal feed. As well as reducing wastage in the food chain, such innovations are also designed to make the way we produce our food more environmentally sustainable, as well as offering up new income streams to food and farming businesses.

The conference has been designed to appeal to food and agri-chain professionals interested in maximising the utilisation of whole crops, agri-food co-products, as well as anyone interested in sustainability of food.

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