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Clastic Exploration & Reservoir Sedimentology

20–24 November 2017
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

About This Course

This course has been developed to provide an understanding of the geometry and hydrocarbon potential of clastic depositional systems and facies, and how they are affected by such important features as basin configuration, tectonics and eustasy. Each of the major clastic environments is covered in terms of lithology, facies, log response and reservoir quality and the depositional models related to seismic sequences. Important basin scale diagenetic changes are examined to illustrate the effect on reservoir quality. The course includes extensive practical exercises.

About The Trainer: Carol Hopkins

Carol is the Geosciences Technical Director for petroEDGE. Formerly, Carol was the manager of Robertson Petroleum Training Centre & a Senior Project Scientist at Robertson CGG. Carol has 20 years’ experience of teaching geology and leading field trips. Prior to her 8 years at Robertson, Carol was in academia as a lecturer for 6 years and a Research Fellow for 3 years. She has conducted fieldwork and led fieldtrips in the US and many areas of the UK.

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