Past Event

Global Conference on EPC Contract & Project Management

9–10 November 2017
Lisbon, Portugal

Due to globalization most modern projects involving Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) are becoming international in nature comprising of owner/contractor from different parts of the world. Sometimes the project is in neither party’s homeland, but is located in a third country. Such scenarios are becoming more prevalent than ever before. These changes and several time limited experiences provide a huge business opportunity as well as challenges for the EPC industry to offer its services, mitigate risks and manage disputes and execute a project successfully with properly controlling the Budget.

Global Conference on EPC Contract & Project Management is uniquely and highly specialized 2 days events being taken place in Europe, which is bringing together owner/contractor, OEM and Service industry leaders and experts to elucidate these challenges and special risks and how to manage them.

It not only discusses the trending practices and experiences to gain huge EPC projects, but also focuses on the use of innovative techniques, procedures and strategies which can help in improving the performance and profitability of EPC industry.

This is a great platform to learn about excellence in the EPC contract and project management and it’s your turn to grab this amazing opportunity.

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