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How to Interpret Multi-Well Pressure vs Depth Plots & Pressure Maps from DSTs & Wire-line Formation Test Data including Hydrodynamics

20–24 November 2017
Perth, Australia

About This Course

This 5 day intensive training course will show participants how to use pressure data from DST’s, Wire-line Tests (such as RFT’s & MDT’s) & production Tests ( from many different wells) to make Pressure/Depth Plots which reveal permeability barriers such as pinch-outs, sealing faults & any barrier which can trap hydrocarbons. It will also examine how pressures can be used to help correlations between wells & determine if sands are separate or connected. Also covered is how to find fluid contacts from limited single hydrocarbon pressure points by independently finding the fluid gradients from lab fluid analyses & correcting to subsurface conditions.

About The Trainer: Phil Esslinger

Phil Esslinger operates Melange Geoscience Inc. an international petroleum consulting practice in Calgary, Canada. He specializes in Hydrodynamic studies and Pressure Test interpretation, as well as Subsurface Fluid Chemistry interpretations and Hydrocarbon Exploration. He has broad experience in interpreting and evaluating DSTs, Pressure vs. Depth Plots & Hydrodynamics for the petroleum industry.

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