Transmitting Science - Model-Based Statistical Inference in Ecological and Evolutionary Biogeography

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2nd Edition
December 11th-15th, 2017, Barcelona (Spain)
Model-Based Statistical Inference in Ecological and Evolutionary Biogeography
This course will cover the theory and practice of widely used methods in evolutionary and ecological biogeography, namely ecological niche modelling/species distribution modelling, and ancestral range estimation on phylogenies.
The course will cover both the practical challenges to using these techniques (obtaining and processing geographical occurrence data from GBIF, setting up and using the models) and the assumptions that various models and methods make.
We take the view that evolutionary models will be improved by including ecology (for example, perhaps the probability of a dispersal event on a phylogeny is likely to be correlated with the environmental distance between regions) and that ecological models are likely to be improved by integrating phylogenetic information into models of species distributions.
We will discuss why the integration of evolutionary information is fundamental to the further development of ecological biogeography, discuss a number of ways in which this might be done, and demonstrate the use of new R packages to implement some of these analyses.
Training in the biological sciences, preferably some aspect of ecology or evolutionary biology. Participants must bring a laptop. Participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of R.
  • Dr Dan Warren Macquarie University, AustraliaFind out more
  • Dr Matthew Van Dam California Academy of Sciences, United States of AmericaFind out more

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