Past Event

Proteomics in Cell Biology and Disease Mechanisms

28 February – 2 March 2018
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Proteomics in Cell Biology and Disease Mechanisms

This conference will focus on novel proteomics approaches to study long-standing questions in cell biology and disease mechanisms.

The focus of this year will be on high-throughput methods and multi-omics big data integration for a range of application in biology and medicine. We will discuss recent developments in workflows and techniques that are providing improved protein localisation and unbiased measurements. The programme will also highlight recent advances in human atlas projects and also the computational challenges posed by data analysis and new platforms.

This is a cross-disciplinary meeting that will bring together proteomics technology experts (academics and industry), life sciences specialists, and medicine communities (e.g. disease, clinical, precision medicine) who are interested in systems biology, cell signalling, structural biology, and disease and clinical proteomics. 

Keynote Speakers
Benjamin Cravatt The Scripps Research Institute, USA
Emma Lundberg Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Confirmed speakers
Tiziana Bonaldi Milan IFOM-IEO Campus, Italy 
Brian Burke Institute of Medical Biology, Singapore 
Chuna Choudhary University of Copenhagen, Denmark 
Ileana Cristea University of Princeton, USA
Anne-Claude Gingras Mount Sinai Hospital, Canada
Yasushi Ishihama Kyoto University, Japan
Jennie R. Lill Genentech, Inc, USA
Kathryn Lilley University of Cambridge, UK
Neil Kelleher Northwestern University, USA 
Bernhard Kuster Technische University of Munich, Germany 
Philipp Mertins Broad Institute, USA
Alan Saghatelian Salk Institute for Biological Sciences, USA
Carol Robinson University of Oxford, UK