Past Event

Argus NPK, Water Soluble and Micronutrient Fertilizers India 2018

8–9 March 2018
New Delhi, India

Argus NPK, Water Soluble and Micronutrient Fertilizers India 2018 presents essential insights, analysis and guidance for producers and consumers of NPK and WSF products, as well as analysts, researchers and investors in all branches of the fertilizer industry. Participants will get a clearer picture of the competitive landscape and market segmentation, which will allow you to better align your marketing and sales strategies for 2017-18.

New Topics for 2017
- Highlight WSFs - understanding the synergistic effect and the precise use to improve efficiency
- Choice and source of raw materials and their impact on compound fertilizer production
- Managing crop growth, yield potential and soil profiles of tropical and horticultural crops
- Fertilizer distribution system in India - how are specialities sold and distributed throughout the value chain?

What you can expect

- 100 targeted participants consisting of NPK producers, buyers, agronomists and soil science experts
- Technical and commercial presentations from international and local industry leaders
- An interactive exhibition space where the latest production and application technologies are shared