Inclusive Manufacturing Forum (IMF) is a formal body created at NIAS in April 2017 in collaboration and active participation with IISc and Cranfield University (UK). Inclusive Manufacturing hasthree major dimensions (a) It should enable participation of people from all strata of the society, especially those who have been marginalized so far, including rural, poor, under-privileged, specially-abled, women and senior citizens. (b) It should use appropriate technologies including high technology, which should be environmentally friendly and efficient, reducing drudgery while creating new jobs/incomes. (c) It should provide access for people to all parts of the technology/product/solution lifecycle.
The keen commitment of all stakeholders to continue this initiative of high relevance encourages us to organise IMF-2018. The focus of IMF-2018 would be largely on products and processes that make human life better at all levels including basic needs such as food, water, clothing, housing, and healthcare. Inclusive manufacturing is about fulfilling those unmet needs across rural and urban population besides making them affordable and accessible. Thus,IMF-2018 proposes intense deliberations on formulation of policy recommendations to empower people in six critical areas namely sustainable agriculture, affordable health care, renewable energy, water & sanitation and craft & small size manufacturing.  For more details, please see the link for IMF 2018 Brouchure,