Past Event

Resilient and Responsible Architecture and Urbanism

10–12 April 2018
groningen, Netherlands
The aim of this Conference is to exchange knowledge and experience in  ramping up the future-proofing of new and existing dwellings and  communities.
For a long time, we have treated natural resources as if they were  infinite and the use of toxic substances as something of little  significance. Those times now seem to be well and truly over. From  studies towards major turnarounds in our society by Economists, we  know that major transitions occur when Structural social changes meet  major economic developments and new disruptive technology. Recent  financial crises, a major increase of world population, growing  resource usage, Changing Demographics (e.g. aging & urbanization) in  combination with the possibilities created by the disruptive  information and communication technologies are an indication that we  are currently on the threshold of such a period in history. This  presents major challenges to our society, the current built  environment and consequently to architecture, urban planning, and the  construction sector.
The conference proceedings will be published in the conference  proceedings will be published in “Resourceedings” hosted by “SSRN by  ELSEVIER”. Publication in a book series by Springer will only be  applicable to the selected papers that will be supervised by highly  professional members of an International Editorial Board to ensure a  high-quality publication material. Thus, such outstanding material  will lead to the indexing of the series in well-known indexing  databases.

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