Fusion Conferences: 2nd From Carbon-Rich Molecules to Carbon-Based Materials

7–10 June 2018
Nassau, Bahamas

Join scientific chairs Marina A. Petrukhina (Professor in the Department of Chemistry, University at Albany) and Michael Haley (Richard M. & Patricia H. Noyes Professor of Chemistry, University of Oregon) at the 2nd From Carbon-Rich Molecules to Carbon-Based Materials Fusion conference. 

This interdisciplinary conference will provide unique “fusion” opportunities for chemists, physicists and engineers having various backgrounds but sharing passion and interests in carbon-only or carbon-rich molecules and carbon-based materials. It will allow a diverse group of scientists from all over the globe to discuss the current challenges, needs and prospects of this quickly-evolving multidisciplinary field.

The major focus areas will range from newly designed methods of chemical synthesis, characterization, and structure determination of carbon-rich molecules and carbon-based materials to measurements of their functional properties and investigations into their potential practical applications. The types of carbon-rich molecules include (but are not limited to) π-bowls and π-baskets, carbon nanohoops, nanobelts and short segments of carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, graphene, graphene nanoribbons, and full-length nanotubes. This forum is designed to promote excellence in research and education and to facilitate the interchange of new information among a broad community of scientists.

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