Past Event

Polymer Networks and Gels 2018

17–21 June 2018
Praha, Czech Republic

Important dates:

  • Abstract submission31 March 2018
  • Standard registration31 March 2018
  • Acceptance notification16 April 2018

The 82 conference of Prague Meetings of Macromolecules series focuses on preparation and chemical modification of polymer networks and gels (organic and organic-inorganic networks and gels, nanocomposites, biopolymer gels, hybrid systems with biopolymer motifs), gelation and network formation (simulation of gelation and network build-up, covalent and physical gel formation, functional networks), gel and network states of matter (static and dynamic gel and network structure, swelling, mechanical and other physical properties, structure organization in networks and gels, interaction with surfaces and interfaces), gels in life sciences, technology and applications (drug targeting and release systems, responsive gels in biomedical and diagnostic, applications, (super)absorbent gels, contact lenses, implants, networks and gels from renewable resources).

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