Past Event

8th International Conference on Engineering Failure Analysis (ICEFA2018)

8–11 July 2018
Budapest, Hungary

The 8th International Conference on Engineering Failure Analysis (ICEFA2018) will bring together world-class researchers, users and specialists involved in all aspects of failure analysis and prevention from the fields of mechanical, manufacturing, aeronautical, civil, chemical, corrosion and design engineering.


The strengths of past conferences have been the emphasis on practical application of technical knowledge to engineering failure analysis and the extensive use of case studies to the development of an understanding of engineering failures. The case study approach is strongly encouraged as an important mechanism for developing a body of knowledge well rooted in practical experience.



• Engineering failure modes for metallic and non-metallic engineering materials

• Approaches to failure analysis

• Role of service loading in failure analysis

• Case studies of failures in industry sectors such as aerospace, marine and offshore, automotive, rail, power generation, mining and minerals, consumer goods, medical devices and others

• Historical disasters

• Structural and architectural failures

• Failure analysis and joining technologies

• Role of condition monitoring and NDT in failure avoidance

• Failure analysis, maintenance and reliability

• Role of failure analysis in the design process

• Legal matters, ethical issues and insurance in the failure analysis industry

• Training and accreditation in failure analysis research and industry


Abstracts for ICEFA2018 oral and poster presentations are invited on the conference topics by 8 December 2017.

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