Past Event

2nd IMA Conference on Theoretical and Computational Discrete Mathematics

14–15 September 2018
Derby, United Kingdom

Discrete mathematics poses a wide range of challenging research problems, giving rise to important applications in other fields such as computer science, engineering, industry, business, finance and the physical/biological sciences. It is a dynamic subject in which techniques, theories and algorithms are drawn from many different areas, and it offers a diverse and stimulating environment for those whose work lies within it. This is a relatively new area that the IMA is pleased to support through a second event of its kind at the University of Derby.


The conference will showcase theoretical and computational advances in the general field of discrete mathematics. It is open to researchers working with mathematical structures and abstract constructs, and to those involved in the theory and practise of discrete algorithmic computing. The purpose of this event is to highlight progress in the field through the development of novel theories, methodologies and applications accordingly, and to inspire future work.

         Theoretical Computer Science (Algorithms, Automata, Codes, Cryptography, Image Processing, Logic Gates and Circuits)

         Number Theory (Computational, Elementary, Additive, Combinatorial)

         Set Relations, Orderings, Words, Permutation Patterns 

         Graph Theory and Network Problems

         Number Sequences, Arithmetic Functions and Partitions

         Combinatorics (Algorithmic, Algebraic, Analytic, Enumerative, Extremal, Probabilistic, Topological, Geometric, Theory of Designs, Matroids, Percolation)

         Optimization (Discrete, Combinatorial) and Game Theory

         Operations Research

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