Smart cities projects aim to improve cities nowadays through means that encompass Urban planning, strategic planning, economic planning, urban & architectural development, environment and information technology.
Smart cities, those which use Innovative methods for solving daily problems, are currently working on developing the future vision of improving the standard of living of its inhabitants.
Rebuilding new cities and managing its services such as the electricity, water, transportation and communication systems are all objectives and the main focus of such development. This new technology can be used to manage infrastructural investments and is able to support economic growth.
Furthermore, it also manages the natural resources very carefully; a concern equally as important. The main role of the smart cities concept plays is to help its citizens become more flexible in coming up with solutions of issues faced.
It also develops and rather maintains among them a connection with a connection grid that has proven to be quite effective. To be able to maintain a successful and smart city, a attention must be given to Transportation planning and creating safety measures as a basic means. IEREK organizes this conference in hopes of disseminating research and knowledge on the methods through which cities may be transformed into Smart cities.

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