Effective Audit Committees

12–15 November 2018
London, United Kingdom
This course will explore the fundamentals of the role of the Audit Committee. You will understand the nature and essential qualities of its members, particularly the Audit Committee Chairman. The course will cover the relationships with all key stakeholders and will examine all the key information flows and decision processes.
By attending this strategic four day course you will be able to:
- Understand the role and responsibilities of the Audit Committee and its relationship with the Board and the Board Risk Committee
- Consider what prudent and effective controls sit around the Audit Committee meeting process
- Understand the critical relationships with key stakeholders such as external audit, internal audit, the finance team and the company secretariat
- Understand the relationships with the various regulators and the complexities of group structures and overseas jurisdictions
- Recognise common areas that can cause problems
- Take away key actions and ideas to improve on Audit Committee performance 

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