Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Events 2017

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  • Date: 1–2 February 2017
  • Disciplines: Chemistry, Engineering, Computer Science
  • Location: Frankfurt, Germany
  • Event types: Seminar, Exhibition
  • Big Data analytics has become important to the process industry and reveals new market opportunities as well as it could lead to process advantages and cost reductions within the production. No matters whether it is the chemical, pharmaceutical,...
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  • Date: 22–23 February 2017
  • Disciplines: Chemistry, Life Science, Physics, Computer Science, Health Science
  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Event types: Conference
  • SMi’s 8th annual RNA Therapeutics conference will feature a mix of case study-led presentations, panel debates, interactive workshops and keynote addresses tailored for an audience of professionals and research scientists looking to develop and...
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RNA Therapeutics 2017

  • Date: 5–8 March 2017
  • Disciplines: Engineering, Computer Science, Health Science, Social & Behavioral Science
  • Location: New Orleans, United States
  • Event types: Symposium
  • The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society invites you to attend the 2017 International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care to be held March 5–8, at the Sheraton New Orleans, New Orleans Louisiana. The 2017 Symposium...
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  • Date: 20–23 March 2017
  • Disciplines: Chemistry, Life Science, Physics, Computer Science
  • Location: Erlangen, Germany
  • Event types: Conference
  • The Symposium will cover all areas of peptide science, including  peptide chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology, immunology, pharmacology, as well as the use of peptides in medicine and material sciences. Invited...
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13th German Peptide Symposium

  • Date: 26–29 April 2017
  • Disciplines: Engineering, Computer Science
  • Location: on-line, United States
  • Event types: Conference, Symposium
  • The 6th Computer Science On-line Conference 2017 brings together researchers and practitioners (young and experienced) interested in strengthening the scientific foundations in computer science, informatics, and software...
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The 6th Computer Science On-line Conference 2017

  • Date: 8–11 May 2017
  • Disciplines: Earth Science, Life Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Materials Science
  • Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Event types: Conference
  • 9th International Confernce on Porous Media and Annual Meeting for theoretical, computatioanl and experimental poromechanics and porous media technology. May 8-11 2017, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.Organized by InterPore and Delft University of...
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InterPore 2017

  • Date: 17–20 May 2017
  • Disciplines: Life Science, Computer Science, Health Science, Materials Science
  • Location: Covilhã, Portugal
  • Event types: Conference, Lecture
  • The organizing committee is proud to present the 2nd edition of the International Congress in Health Sciences Research: Towards Innovation and Entrepreneurship that will be held from 17th to 20th May 2017 at the Faculty of Health Sciences of...
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  • Date: 22–26 May 2017
  • Discipline: Computer Science
  • Location: Opatija, Croatia
  • Event types: Conference, Workshop, Meeting, Exhibition
  • The conference is devoted to presenting and exploring scientific and technological advancements and original innovative applications in the fields of Distributed Computing,  Visualization Systems and Biomedical Engineering (BME). Topics for...
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MIPRO DC VIS - Distributed Computing, Visualization and Biomedical Engineering Conference

  • Date: 5–8 June 2017
  • Discipline: Computer Science
  • Location: Navi Mumbai, India
  • Event types: Conference, Seminar, Lecture, Workshop, Meeting, Exhibition
  • DATA SCIENCE CONGRESS 2017 A confluence of Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Cognitive Computing.   Big Data and Analytics are the most active frontier for innovation. The analysis of...
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  • Date: 11–15 June 2017
  • Disciplines: Life Science, Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Health Science, Materials Science
  • Location: Tampere, Finland
  • Event types: Conference, Exhibition
  • Creation of the future personalized healthcare solutions through merging medical, biological, and engineering sciences.   The joint conference of European Medical and Biological Engineering Conference (EMBEC) and...
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